The i3 Gen Way

Interest to Insight, Insight to Impact!

The i3 Gen Way: Interest to Insight, Insight to Impact!

i3 Gen: Innovative, Strategic, Practical. We turn complexity into clarity with our unique blend of wargaming and storytelling, empowering leaders across sectors to navigate strategic challenges and plan with confidence.

Strategy Wargaming

i3 Gen offers leaders a deep dive into their strategic challenges. Our 'matrix wargaming' simulates complex scenarios, allowing clients to test and refine strategies safely. This method uncovers actionable insights, preparing decision-makers to face real-world challenges with confidence.

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Strategic Communications

Capability ensures every plan is anchored in a clear, compelling narrative. We craft messages that resonate with key audiences, making complex strategies accessible and actionable. This approach aligns teams and drives initiatives forward, ensuring strategic visions are effectively communicated and implemented.

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Strategic Planning

We blend insights from wargaming with our communications expertise to streamline planning and execution. This focused approach helps clients set, pursue, and achieve their strategic objectives efficiently, transforming plans into practical, actionable paths to success.

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Our approach is straightforward and impactful, focusing on creating challenging and competitive sandbox simulations to help, participants discover and develop actionable improvements to strategic plans.

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