Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning: From Insight to Impact

"Great commanders plan to the very end, taking into account every possible eventuality that might afford a chance of victory."

“Plans are worthless, but planning is essential.”

“An idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan.”

“Change before you have to.”

In the ever-evolving arena of strategic planning, i3 Gen stands out by blending deep insights from wargaming with cutting-edge communications expertise. Our core proposition revolves around the critical concepts of interest, insight, and impact, guiding our approach to transforming strategic plans into actionable, impactful realities. This focused methodology not only helps our clients set ambitious objectives but also empowers them to pursue and achieve these goals with unparalleled efficiency.



Cultivating Interest Through Wargaming

Our wargaming exercises are meticulously designed to capture and sustain the interest of all participants, immersing them in scenarios that mirror potential real-world complexities. This immersive experience fosters a deep understanding of the strategic landscape, revealing underlying dynamics, potential challenges, and unexplored opportunities. By engaging in these thought-provoking simulations, stakeholders gain valuable insights, fostering a vested interest in the strategic outcomes


Deriving Insight for Strategic Clarity

At the heart of our strategic campaign planning lies the derivation of actionable insights from wargaming. These insights illuminate the path forward, highlighting both risks and opportunities inherent in the strategic environment. Our expertise in distilling complex wargaming outcomes into clear, actionable intelligence ensures that strategic plans are not only robust but are also aligned with the overarching objectives of the organisation.
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Maximising Impact with Strategic Communications

Armed with insights, the journey towards impactful execution begins. Our strategic communications expertise is pivotal in crafting and conveying messages that resonate across audiences, driving engagement and facilitating the achievement of strategic goals. Leveraging proven principles of narrative construction and audience psychology, we ensure that every communication initiative is precisely tailored to maximise impact, thereby transforming strategic visions into tangible successes.

A Unified Approach: From Interest to Impact

Our integrated approach marries the initial engagement and interest generated through wargaming with the strategic clarity derived from insightful analysis, culminating in the impactful execution of strategic objectives through adept communications. This seamless integration ensures that plans are not merely conceptual but are actionable and resonant, capable of achieving desired outcomes in the real world.

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Why Choose i3 Gen?

Selecting i3 Gen as your strategic partner means leveraging a synthesis of wargaming insights and communications acumen unparalleled in depth and breadth. Our dedication to understanding and applying the principles of interest, insight, and impact positions us uniquely to support our clients not just as service providers but as architects of success in their strategic endeavours.

When building a house or planning a battle, the process is similar…
“The technique is different, the materials are different, but the principle is the same. The foundations have to be laid, the data assembled, and the premises must bear the weight of their conclusions. . . The whole when finished is only the successful presentation of a theme. In battles however the other fellow interferes all the time and keeps up-setting things, and the best generals are those who arrive at the results of planning without being tied to plans.”

Embark on Your Path to Strategic Success

With i3 Gen, your strategic plans become more than just intentions—they evolve into impactful actions that drive real-world success. Discover how our holistic approach to strategic campaign planning can elevate your organisation from insight to impact efficiently and effectively.