Strategic Communications


Strategic Communications & Competitive Storytelling: The i3 Gen Way

“People think that stories are shaped by people. In fact, it’s the other way around …”

“Stories constitute the single most powerful weapon in a leader's arsenal.”

“Tell me the facts, and I’ll learn. Tell me the truth, and I’ll believe. But tell me a story, and it will live in my heart forever.”

"Docere, delectare, et movere. — The aim of the orator, the aim of the speaker, is to teach, to delight, to move."

The modern age is a crowded and noisy world, where countless voices vie for the attention of key audiences; in this battle of narratives, i3 Gen, with its competitive storytelling approach, can be your strategic ally in planning strategic communications campaigns
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The Arena of Competitive Storytelling

Every organisation, every nation, every leader is a storyteller, vying to capture the imagination and allegiance of their audience. In this competitive landscape, storytelling is a strategic imperative, drawing upon both art and science. Your narrative must be more than just engaging—it must be persuasive, memorable, and, above all, more compelling than your competitors.

Preparing for the competition by leveraging Insights – The Art of Audience Understanding

Understanding your audience isn’t just an aspect of strategic communications; it’s the foundation. Our methodology prioritises audience analysis, with primary and secondary research obtained directly or through partners. These critical insights ensure that every story we craft is relevant and targeted, building the foundation for lasting engagement.
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Capturing Attention – The First Fight

In a world saturated with communications of all types, the first objective is capturing your audience’s interest. Without their interest, even the most meticulously crafted stories will fall on deaf ears. i3 Gen’s plans prioritise gaining and maintaining audience engagement, ensuring your messages break through the noise to impact the audience’s consciousness.

Emotional Impact – The Key to Action

Whilst we may not always like to admit it, humans are emotional creatures, making decisions first with our hearts and justifying them with our heads. For Strategic Communications to have a meaningful impact, the stories we tell must resonate with our audience’s values and priorities; in short, they need to care about what we are saying. Our competitive storytelling methodology harnesses the power of emotional storytelling, designed not just to inform but to move, creating an impact that translates into real-world action.
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Structured Planning and Coordinated Execution

Achieving the above requires more than creativity; it demands rigorous planning, strategic alignment, and flawless execution. At i3 Gen, we don’t leave success to chance. Our integrated approach ensures that your communications strategy can be tested and honed using our Wargaming, so your stories and plans are not only well-crafted but also well-executed, aligning every message, medium, and moment to build towards your strategic objectives.

In execution, this means seamless coordination between what we say and what we do, ensuring that every action reinforces your narrative, strengthens your position, and enhances your influence.

Why i3 Gen?

With i3 Gen, you gain more than a strategic communications partner; you gain an advocate dedicated to ensuring your narrative competes, captivates, and conquers. In the strategic arena of competitive storytelling, where every communication counts, let i3 Gen be your ally in victory.